Role Play

Embark on a wild journey at Ready Set Go, a soft play haven like no other! Our jungle-themed wonderland is a treasure trove of excitement, where children explore, create, and let their imaginations run wild.

Arts and Crafts

Unleash your child’s creativity in our Arts and Crafts zone. From painting to crafting, our jungle-inspired activities encourage artistic exploration, fostering a love for self-expression and imagination.

Jungle Beauty Saloon

Pamper your little ones in our Beauty Saloon, where they can transform into jungle royalty. From face painting to temporary tattoos, our talented staff ensures each child leaves feeling like a wild and wonderful character.

Supermarket Safari

Let the kids embark on a shopping adventure in our Supermarket Safari! They can play shopkeeper, fill their baskets with jungle-inspired goodies, and learn valuable life skills through imaginative play.

Police Station Pursuit

Is your child a little law enforcer in the making? Our Police Station is equipped with mini-uniforms and props, allowing them to play detective and uphold the law in their own jungle jurisdiction.

Fire Fighting Fun

Become a hero at our Fire Fighting zone! Kids can don firefighter gear, hop on a mini firetruck, and learn about teamwork and bravery in a jungle-themed firefighting adventure.
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